17th International Symposium of
3-D Analysis of Human Movement
[3D-AHM 2022]

on Jul 16-19, 2022
at Tokyo University of Science, Tokyo, JAPAN.


  • Abstract submission has opened. (2021.12.01)
  • We uploaded slides of latest information used at the Closing Session of 16th International Symposium on 3D-AHM. Click Here! (2021.05.21)

Important Dates

Abstract submission openDecember 01, 2021
Deadline for abstract submissionJanuary 31, 2022
Notification of acceptanceApril 04, 2022
Conference format decision
(On-site only or hybrid but mainly on-site)
February 28, 2022
Registration OpenMarch 01, 2022
Early bird registration deadlineMay 31, 2022
SymposiumJuly 16-19, 2022

Making a Lasting Impression on Your Escort: A Guide to Memorable Encounters

In the world of escort-client relationships, the dynamics are often thought to revolve solely around the client's experience. However, making a lasting impression on your escort can transform a simple encounter into a deeply memorable and mutually satisfying experience. Not only does this enhance the quality of the interaction, but it also fosters respect, appreciation, and potentially, a more meaningful connection. This article delves into the art of making a lasting impression on your escort by emphasizing respect and boundaries, the importance of communication, and the value of appreciation and kindness.

Respect and Boundaries: The Foundation of Trust

At the heart of any positive and memorable escort-client interaction lies a foundation of respect and understanding of boundaries. These elements are crucial for building trust and ensuring that the encounter is enjoyable for both parties.

Prioritizing Consent and Comfort

Making a lasting impression starts with prioritizing consent and comfort. Demonstrating that you value and respect your escort's boundaries sets a tone of mutual respect. Always discuss preferences, limitations, and consent explicitly before the meeting, and be attentive to verbal and non-verbal cues during your time together. Showing that you prioritize their comfort and consent not only creates a safe environment but also enhances the overall experience.

Respecting Professionalism

Understanding and respecting the professional nature of your escort's work is essential. This means acknowledging their time and services as valuable and adhering to the agreed-upon arrangements without pushing for more. By treating the interaction with the professionalism it deserves, you signal your respect for their work, making the encounter more pleasant and memorable.

Communication: The Key to Connection

Effective communication is pivotal in making a lasting impression on your escort. Clear, honest, and respectful communication can greatly enhance the quality of your time together, ensuring that both parties' needs and expectations are understood and met.

Articulating Your Desires Clearly

Being upfront and clear about what you're looking for in the encounter allows your escort to tailor the experience to meet your desires more effectively. However, it's equally important to listen and adapt to their feedback. This two-way communication fosters a deeper connection and ensures that the experience is fulfilling for both of you.

Showing Genuine Interest

Taking an interest in your escort as a person, beyond the services they provide, can leave a lasting impression. Engaging in meaningful conversation, asking about their interests without prying into personal details, and being a good listener all contribute to a more genuine and enjoyable interaction. This genuine interest can set you apart and make the experience more memorable for your escort.

Appreciation and Kindness: Leaving a Positive Mark

Expressions of appreciation and acts of kindness can significantly impact how you're remembered by your escort. Small gestures can make a big difference in showing your escort that you value their company and effort.

Showing Appreciation

Simple expressions of gratitude, such as thanking your escort for their time and companionship, can leave a lasting impression. Additionally, following up with a polite message expressing your appreciation for the encounter can reinforce your gratitude and respect for their work.

Thoughtful Gestures

Thoughtful gestures, like ensuring their comfort during your time together or being considerate of their preferences, can elevate the experience. While extravagant gifts are not necessary and should be given with consideration to the nature of your relationship, small tokens of appreciation or simply ensuring their comfort can go a long way in making a memorable impression.


Making a lasting impression on your escort revolves around mutual respect, effective communication, and genuine acts of kindness and appreciation. By prioritizing their comfort and boundaries, engaging in open and respectful communication, and showing your appreciation through words and actions, you can create a memorable and satisfying encounter for both of you. Remember, the most impactful impressions are often those rooted in genuine respect and kindness, setting the foundation for encounters that are not only enjoyable but also enriching for both parties involved.

Let’s make 2022 Tokyo the place to reunion the 3DAHM Community!

Dear Colleagues,

It has been already one year since the coronavirus caused the loss of our intellectual activities and free discussion.
During this period, various ideas have been made, and online conferences have also been organized.
Although these efforts seem to have had a certain impact, we still hear from many colleagues that they would like to meet and discuss in person.

In 2022, I would like to have a face-to-face discussion with you in Tokyo.
Although the situation is still not optimistic, the executive committee and the local committee will make firm preparations to hold the conference on-site.
We will keep you updated on the progress of the preparations on our website. Therefore, we hope that you will positively consider meeting us again in Tokyo in the summer of 2022.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Yoshi Kobayashi
President of 3DAHM; Technical Group of the International Society of Biomechanics